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Fall Foliage Commercial Portrait and Family Photography in Vermont

Here we are in fall foliage season, actually ending, and the lighting is tricky not to mention the outside weather you have to have your batteries fully charged and protect your equipment. the sun is really in the south all day long, giving great colors
to the pre winter sky, but the trick is to blend the lighting with a little less fill than usualy in the high sun days of summer.

I am…

wedding photography should be natural

Always look at a photographer’s work and discuss their philosophy with regards to how they will capture the unique moments and personality of your day without interrupting the flow of spontaneity!  At Green Mountain Wedding Photography we have over 400 weddings photographed, hundreds of albums published and award winning work for over 20 years.

Let us give you a customized quote to fit your…

website advertising

Let us help you communicate your unique corporate location and services with great personalized photography and on location lighting

in down town Burlington, Vermont and wherever you are located in the northern Vermont and Chittenden County region.

Business Photography is a lot like family photography in that your co workers are like family, no?

Small groups posed in unique settings wit…

2014 Summer family photos in Stowe VT

more family portraits in stowe vermont things are really nice up there, lots of great places to stay and catch the wave of family photography…

Commercial Outdoor Law Firm Photography

Having done a number of these types of on location business type group shots for banks and Law Firms and Insurance companies, the type of businesses in down town Burlington, I have a few tips, take the time to meet with your photographer and review the

lighting  and locations and determine the time line allowed so as to not interfere with the work flow and get into all the nuances

for t…

VT State Parks Wedding Photography

Vermont State Parks are a great way to go.  Really Go!  They are scenic and affordable, you can put your own personal

stamp on the catering and the flavor of your event.  I love Vermont State Park Weddings and here is a photo from Mt. Philo State Park.  I also have many from others which can be viewed at my Vermont Wedding Photographer…

Commercial and Industrial beauty?

This place is a factory pretty much, i used a very simple photographic lighting technique and some pretty hi tech equipment, as DaVinci says: “simplicity is complex” or something like that anyway…….For Commercial and industrial photography in VT you need to travel and be pretty flexible and willing to follow the maxim less is more which is kind of todays’ version of what DaVinci said a few…

creative outdoor and indoor portraits for business

I do these sessions indoors/outdoors, right here at my burlington vt photo studio.  Here is an example of the lighting control and final retouched and optimized for website use like on Linked In for business.  And then the cropped version for Linked In.  And the one from the studio session and my favorite is first! (she didn’t choose that one,…

Business Portrait Waterfront Park

Burlington in July at the waterfront park.
A business photo was needed with a natural background. I used fill light from the outside and also a little bit of on camera directional.
This photo was her favorite for Linked In, Burlington…

Engagement Portraits of Hillary and Freddie

Lake Champlain in March, a pretty “nippy” time for outdoor engagement portraits in Burlington, VT.  If you are game to try it then I’m there with you.   Fingers got cold and the lake was still frozen over and of course with “global warming” in VT it’s hard to tell sometimes….an now with all the rain, but these guys are getting married soon and this was a very fun experience for all of us.

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