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summer vermont photography post

Hi all, thank you for viewing my blog, i have been super busy shooting vermont weddings in the mad river glen resort and at the old lantern in Charlotte, VT and

over the summer quite a few commercial on location photography shoots in Shelburne VT for company website updates.  When shooting weddings and corporate

events we need to make sure the lighting is natural as usual with a refined blend of natural and artificial.  I noticed at a corporate event in Fairlee recently at the

the Lake Morey Resort, in a packed conference room, the shots that were needed in the natural light of the room were not as good as those that had added flash.

I am doing more and more what people now call “headshots” they are still to me an executive portrait and require good solid old school 3:1 ratio lighting on the face

to bring out the best features and be appealing to the veiwer.

Real Estate photography in Stowe Vermont and Londonderry recently for rental property advertising are being done with a new approach, real new school using the latest HD and Photoshop technology bracketing 5 exposures and then blending.  I will soon have samples of the finished product and will be happy to send you to the

users advertising websites.  Other stuff happening: lots of on location family portraits near Lake Champlain, wedding portraits and candids in Battery Park in Burlington

and any other photography needs being met with good lighting and natural people skills to bring out the best expressions in client faces.

Always go on site first to scout it out and make some pre session strategies for good lighting and post production processes.

Thanks for reading this blog and I look forward to more discussions and posting more photos.  As always, let me know if you have any specific questions regarding the photography process!

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