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Wedding Party Photo Tip

Here is a fun photo of the wedding party shot I took at the Old Lantern in Charlotte Vermont.  After a few more posed photos, getting everyone into a natural position and adjusting the lighting I was ready to allow the group to have a more fun and natural pose that reflected their true personality and taste.  The trick with any time you want to make a natural fun shot is to keep all of the groups attention and slowly and gradually and that is the key here, to encourage them to interact.  You need to take about 5 minutes to do this right and end up with a really great natural photograph of the wedding party interacting, acting spontaneous to each other and to maintain some semblance of  etiquette.  I will call this photographic etiquette.  So the word pose may not be misunderstood, it has some element of spontaneity but also enough structure to show everyone’s feeling at the moment.

You will never get a second chance at this so take a lot of shots, checking carefully that all the technical parameters, like foreground vs. background exposure ratios remain natural and the fill lighting and focus settings are accurate for the effect you’re looking for.                  IMG_6221blog

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